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Alpaca 55.gif

The final level design as seen from above. The starting area gives a good overview of the map and potential objectives of where to explore.


The level design and progression was made from quick evolving prototypes. We went from cheap prototypes to a fully fleshed game using concentric design.


A good example of iteration was the introduction of mushrooms to reduce player's frustration and reinforce our experience goals, making the player feel joy and relaxation.


Alpaca Stacka

Engineer, Game Designer

Alpaca Stacka is a 3D adventure platformer where you play as Paz, a kind alpaca dedicated to helping their animal friends.

This game was featured on PC Gamer and one of  2021 July's biggest Steam hits, with an Overwhelmingly Positive reception of 2151 positive reviews (98%).

I developed this game with Michelle Ma during a 4 month period for Richard Lemarchand's Interactive Design and Production I at the University of Southern California. 

My main contributions where the level design, game design and gameplay programming.

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