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Game Designer & Engineer


Game Designer, Engineer

Alpaca Stacka is a 3D adventure platformer where you play as Paz, a kind alpaca dedicated to helping their animal friends.

This game was featured on PC Gamer as one of  2021 July's biggest Steam hits, with an Overwhelmingly Positive reception of 2151 positive reviews (98%).

I developed this game with Michelle Ma during a 4 month period for Richard Lemarchand's Interactive Design and Production I at the University of Southern California. 

Game Director, Game Designer, Engineer

This is my master thesis project for my Interactive Media & Game Design MFA at the University of Southern California. We used  Unreal Engine and Perforce.

I lead a team of 11 people in order to create an action adventure game that features themes of surrealism and madness. 

Lead Engineer,

Game Designer

King of the Eggs is a 2D Party Game developed by Mr. Alpaca Games, a company I co-founded before joining USC. It was published on February 2018 on Steam and it sold over 4k units worldwide before it became free to play.  1-4 Local Multiplayer.

I was the Lead Developer and Game Designer for this game. I developed one game mode and the AI for two game modes. I was part of the game design team that defined the game mechanics. Also, I made the level designs for the game.

Research Engineer

I collaborated in a team of ten to design and engineer multiple laboratory prototypes of an immersive Mixed Reality combat simulator to train soldiers in the Colombian Navy.

My role included carrying out tasks such as developing Unity Prototypes that communicated with the Hardware (Robotics, Weapon Sensors, etc..), Level Design, Game Design and Visualization Design.